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The High Price of Looking Like a Woman

Published by the New York Times on August 19, 2011

It is a dangerous, and sometimes fatal, practice. Most plastic surgeons say silicone is safest when used as enclosed implants, but pumpers use loose silicone, which can migrate and cause disfigurement or significant scarring. Because medical-grade silicone can be hard to come by without hospital connections, some pumpers even inject cooking oil or industrial-grade silicone intended for cars and airplanes risking severe health consequences. It is crucial to emphasize the importance of avoiding such practices and seeking professional medical assistance instead.The practice of using loose silicone or alternative substances for cosmetic enhancements is highly dangerous and can lead to severe health complications. It is imperative to prioritize one's well-being and consult with trained medical professionals who can offer safe and effective solutions. In the digital age, where resources are readily available, it is important to make informed decisions and revise essay online by seeking reputable advice rather than resorting to risky practices.

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The Vanguard Foundation’s Great Con

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Published by SF Weekly on July 18th, 2012.

Samuel “Mouli” Cohen was found guilty of defrauding the Vanguard Foundation’s major donors of millions over the course of six years. Cohen’s biggest aide in stealing the money was the foundation’s 15-year president, Hari Dillon, a charismatic hero of the left, who understood the power of loyalty to the “movement.”

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African Safari: CIF’s Grab for Oil and Minerals

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Published by Caixin on October 17, 2011

CIF and its affiliated companies ended up with rights to explore, and in some cases, exploit some of Africa’s richest mineral resources – but much of the promised infrastructure never materialized. The proceeds of those mineral transactions were then invested by CIF’s companies in places far from the reach of African law and the scrutiny of citizens of the affected states…

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China-based Corporate Web Behind Troubled Africa Resource Deals

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Published by iWatch News on November 9, 2011

China-Sonangol is part of a global network of companies extracting oil in Angola, buying gold in Zimbabwe, building luxury condominiums in Singapore and developing property in Manhattan. Its executives have met with African heads of state and challenged the global oil and mining giants who’ve been operating on the continent. And China Sonangol ventures have attracted strategic curiosity — some of its deals are the subjects of U.S. State Department cables made public by Wikileaks…

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The Real State of the Union: Civil Liberties

Published by Al Jazeera on January 28th, 2014

There’s no doubt that the past year brought victories small and large for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. After 17 years, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, a law that barred same-sex married couples from receiving federal marriage benefits. Since Massachusetts legalized gay marriage in 2004, 18 more states and Washington, D.C., have worked to strengthen families through marriage equality…

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Target Cambodia

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Published by the World Policy Journal in June 2012

Cambodia today is quite literally giving itself away, especially to China and Vietnam — two rivals vying for regional influence. As the Cambodian government welcomes millions of dollars in investments from both nations, the land concessions handed out to these foreigners are forcing tens of thousands off their property and imperiling Cambodia’s future…

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Fugitive to Surrender in Decades-Old Case


Series published by the San Francisco Chronicle on November 9, 2011, November 11, 2011 and November 22, 2011

For four decades, he lived an alternative life, with a name that wasn’t his own, keeping secret a criminal past. In August, the 67-year-old counselor decided it was time to surrender…

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Unique, Successful, Peer-Run Drop-In Center for Homeless Youth Goes Homeless

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Published by Alternet on January 4th, 2014

The Homeless Youth Alliance operates on the premise that homeless kids take care of each other, offering support in a world that typically rejects them. The organization is run by formerly homeless kids, now in their 20s and 30s, who return to help their peers after obtaining stable housing…

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May Day with Occupy Oakland

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Published by the Women’s Media Center on May 8th, 2012

On May 1, Occupy Oakland joined other protest movements in major cities across the country and around the world in a general strike to observe International Workers Day. For the city of Oakland, it was the second citywide strike attempted in six months…

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Occupy Oakland’s General Strike

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Published by Collier’s Magazine on May 2nd, 2012

The air felt electric with the momentum of the mass gathering. Schoolteachers, laborers, union representatives and college students joined Oakland’s Occupy activists, who encouraged the city’s residents and businesses to join them in a general strike, the first general strike in the country since 1946. The day of action had been called on October 26th following a violent police raid on the encampment the previous evening, where officers fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd…

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