August 27, 2015

follow the road
that leads to Covenant House
wind through the curves
of 202
hands cramp and sit bones ache
while I adapt to the road
forgot how much I love this
life stripped down
to the basics
gratitude for the sun’s warmth
on a partly cloudy day
handle the weight
and the twisties
on autopilot
my body knows this bike
after riding thousands of miles
forgot how much I miss this.

cruise through the Palisades
stop to warm up
at Lake Welch on 17N
families clustered around
the four lifeguard stands
still on duty
everyone wants to soak up
the last days of summer
savor the unexpected treat of
bare feet in sand.

vibrations settle my spine
into a zigzag
knife-edge of my clutch hand
thumbs stiffen
I remember her suggesting
nerve damage
and wonder if
she was right?

end the day
cutting through Connecticut’s corners
“mi hovel es su hovel”
push my way
toward that promise
pause for the night
in Stamford
talk police corruption
and campaign politics
while scarfing down
99 cent ramen.